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Introducing the OET Writing Task

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Why you need to start the OET writing preparation from square one.

This booklet will take walk you through the basics of the OET writing subtest and help you pave your way to high scoring OET letters.

Do you start your OET writing tasks with a clear plan in mind about what you need to do and how you need to approach the case or do you let the information in the case notes wash you over every time?

The key to a high scoring letter is identifying each relevant aspect of the task and then communicating it through appropriate language. In order to do that, you first need to understand what aspects to keep in mind and after, gain a good knowledge of the language required. Although for many the OET writing subtest seems like a complicated and tedious task, with this book, in less than 40 pages you will learn how to write good letters even if you are completely new to OET writing.

It helps beginners build a solid foundation.

The OET writing task is designed to assess your ability to grasp the concepts of effective, accurate and formal communication. Despite the fact that proper English language and well developed style should be at the forefront, it would be quite difficult to get there unless you master your skills in building the framework first.

That is exactly what this simple guide could help you with. You will find examples of high scoring tasks and step-by-step instructions regarding planning, layout, relevant information, sentence and paragraph structure. In other words, it's everything beginners need if they want to reduce the time they spend on structuring their letter and move on to polishing up their style and language soon enough.

So, are you looking to learn the ropes and master your writing skills as soon as possible? Pretty much the same skills you will need when writing your letters of intent, follow-up letters, emails to program directors and coordinators? We are here to help you start off on the right footing.

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